House Rules


Instead of the usual Icons Reputation, Gateway City uses Adoration and Visibility. All player characters are assumed to be super-heroes, who fight crime and keep the city safe. Villain characters are automatically seen as dangerous enemies of society, and thus track Fear instead of Adoration.

  • Visibility represents how well-known your character is, how recognizable. Positive Visibility means the character is famous and recognizable by the person on the street (usually a Savvy + Streetwise check, difficulty 5-Visibility). Negative Visibility indicates that a character’s exploits are the stuff of urban legend. He will not automatically be recognized unless he does something distinctive (at which point, it is a Savvy + Streetwise challenge, difficulty of 5 + Visibility).
  • Adoration reflects how well-liked you are by the citizens of Gateway City (and the world). Positive Adoration means that the character is seen as a hero, and cheered on, while negative Adoration means the character is seen as dangerous, as a menace or as a nuisance.
  • Fear is how dangerous and feared a villain is by the general populace. A villain with high Fear strikes panic into an area just by appearing. Villains with negative Fear are instead mocked and derided as “wannabes” and “losers”.

Non-Lethal Strikes

  • A character may “call” their shots non-lethally. Before they state their damage, they may lower their effective Result, or their effective power-based damage multiplier.


Given the high-powered, superheroic tone of Gateway City, as well as the episodic nature which reduces the effectiveness of many Resources, the following changes to Resources apply for Gateway City:

  • Comrade: Comrades now cost 4 points/level. Each level gives 1 grade of either Power or Experience. So a level 1 Comrade is a Rookie with no powers, while a level 3 could be a powerless Veteran, Talented and Experienced, or a Rookie Superhero. Characters cannot buy Comrades more experienced than they are.
  • Follower: Followers use the scale for Comrades, above. Their cost is unchanged.
  • Create/Summon Character: The Create Character power now functions as 1 Strain per grade of Power or Experience, as Comrade.
  • Rank – Minions: Characters with Rank in an appropriate organization can get assistance based on their Rank. Minions are Foils, and they have grades of the Experience or Power scale equal to the Rank which allows them to be called. A character can call about 2-3 minions for his Rank level, and proportionately more minions for each Rank below. So someone with Rank 5 can call 2-3 minions with 5 grades (Veteran Super or Professional Powerhouse), 5-7 with 4 grades, 15-20 with 3 grades, 40-50 with 2 grades, and a veritable army with 1 grade.
  • Gear: Characters with outside resources have better stuff in the comics. Characters get a free number of character points of Gear equal to their Wealth level. They also gain a free point per level of Rank, but those points must be spent in accordance with the organization they have Rank in, and their position in it.
  • House Rules

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