Gateway City

It’s a special day at the Skyway Mall, as Angelina Jolie is making an appearance to promote her new film. Security is tight, with none other than Deputy Chief Tyler in charge.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a gang of unusual thugs show up. The all-woman gang was outfitted with roller blades and pads, and dressed like a punk band. Moving at blurring speed, they ganged up on the security force.

While the security deals with her roller-grrls, Havoc moves in to take out Angie! The Vixen of Velocity hadn’t reckoned on Gateway’s supercop, however. Tyler blocked her attack on Ms. Jolie, and engaged her in hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately, Havoc knocked Tyler flying, his form disappearing into the spray of a fountain.

Luckily, some of the Vigilants were nearby to respond to Nick Tyler’s call for aid. The Cabbie zoomed in through the open roof, laying out several of the roller-grrls with a swipe from his flying Cab. Solar took care of the inner ring of roller-grrls, stunning them with blinding light and allowing the terrified crowd to flee. January, in the meantime, has moved to check on the starlet’s state of health.

Havoc once again moved on Ms. Jolie. She didn’t get far before finding herself attacked — by Nightstick! The dark vigilante grappled her, allowing Angelina to retreat, escorted by January.

Two of the roller-grrls, having broken away from the fracas, swoop in and grab Angie. Unfortunately, they reckoned without January’s touch, which drained their speed enough for Solar to stun them. Angelina, no stranger to the bad girl’s role, broke away from her captors and dive-rolled into the waiting Cab.

Meanwhile, Havoc had broken away from Nightstick by vibrating into intangibility. By the time he’s recovered from the setback, Havoc is halfway to the food court. The Cabbie, not willing to give her an inch, fires one of his electro-nets at a pair of pillars, creating a trap that shocks the speedstress into unconsciousness. The day is saved, and Ms. Jolie invites the three Vigilants (minus Nightstick, who has disappeared once more) to attend the screening in her company.



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