Gateway City

Breakout at Gateway Prison

The heroes (Jeneal, Pacifier and The Talismonger) responded to an alarm call at Gateway Prison. Some mysterious foe had blown open the exterior wall, and broken into the cell blocks, releasing all the prisoners.

Landing at the opening, Pacifier recognized paramilitary troopers as belonging to ARSENAL’s private forces. He took down two of them with his sonic blaster, while Jeneal demonstrated her incredible swordsmanship on another two.

Meanwhile, Talismonger had teleported in to the top of the wall. He attempted to seal the breach with a mystical force-field, but the construct was soon overwhelmed by the mass of rioting prisoners who threw themselves against it! Searching through his pouches, he found a token that caused the wall to rebuild itself. A few of the inmates attempted to hitch a ride, but Pacifier’s quick reflexes knocked them off.

The battle moved into the prison yard. Jeneal cut a swath of pain and injury through the prison yard, while Pacifier took care of the ARSENAL troops guarding the hole in the prison proper. Talismonger took to the skies, checking for stragglers (and nabbed a couple).

With the ARSENAL troops secured, Pacifier proceeded inside, looking for the source of an explosion that Talismonger said he heard. At Jeneal’s advice, he checked in the basement, improvising an entrance through the floor.

Meanwhile, inside the prison, the dark vigilante Nightstick had been helping to subdue the riot. He saw several of the ARSENAL troops head downstairs, and he followed.

Both Nightstick and the larger team arrived on scene to find that the troops had freed Dr. Radiotron, and had also just retrieved his Radiotronic Blaster from lockup. Nightstick’s aura of menace caused the ARSENAL troops to freeze where they stood, but the mad Radiotron took aim on the group instead!

Pacifier stepped in and took the Blaster away from Radiotron, while Jeneal struck the mad scientist a crippling blow. Radiotron, seeing his defeat, managed to activate an emergency teleporter, and set the blaster to explode. Unfortunately for him, the heroes were able to either dodge or resist, while the ARSENAL troops took the brunt of the explosion.

After regrouping and treating the wounded soldiers, the group set out in pursuit of Radiotron. Talismonger was able to trace his location to an underground bunker deep in the Nevada desert. He transported the group there, where they quickly detained Radiotron and handed back over to police custody.



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