General Setting

The World

  • It is a world where superheroes have appeared, albeit not in huge numbers, since the Second World War. The presence of these heroes and villains are noted, but it has not had a huge effect on society.
  • The world accepts the overall existence of superheroes. Some are accorded official status, while others are tolerated as useful vigilantes. Some who go “over the line” may be hunted or persecuted.
  • All sorts of power sources are possible – strange scientific accidents, mutants, mystical pacts, super-sorcerors and creatures from lost worlds, aliens and artificial life-forms.

Gateway City

Gateway City is an American city, on one of the Great Lakes. It’s a large port, with a history going back to the American West. It’s a teeming metropolis of several million, with a diverse cultural background. Here are a few broad ideas to get us started. Details are deliberately vague, so that they can be added to later without contradiction.


  • A bright, commercial downtown area with plenty of skyscrapers.
  • An international airport, as well as several private fields and a whole bunch of helipads.
  • A rough, industrial dockside area, with plenty of shadowy warehouses. It also has some active heavy industry, but also some closed, rusting factories as a paean to brighter financial days.
  • A couple of working-class neighbourhoods, run-down at the edges, but filled with solid, blue-collar people. (Chinatown, Southside)
  • A slum area ( Butcher’s Alley), where people of every race scrape the bare edge of survival.

Public Figures

  • At least one shadowy criminal mastermind who moves in high society but has a massive underworld power base (Malcolm Collins).
  • A hard-bitten, no-nonsense chief of police (Content Not Found: DebraManning), and her protege, up-and-coming hero cop Nick Tyler.

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General Setting

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