Adventure Generator

In order to generate an adventure outline, roll on the following series of tables, in order. Tables with a link move on to a different set of subtables.

Villain types link to a list, not a d10-roll table. Choose an appropriate villain from the list.

d10 Adventure Type
1-3 Attack or Assassination
4-6 Theft or Kidnapping
7-8 Hostage Situation
9 Disaster
10 Invasion or Crime Wave

Adventure Timing

This is when the heroes learn of the crisis and are able to respond to it. It’s good to mix this up a bit.

d10 Timing
1-2 Advance Warning: The heroes get clues that the villain is planning something, and the chance to intervene to stop it.
3-5 First Responders: The heroes get there just as the crisis is starting.
6-9 In the Thick Of It: The heroes arrive just after emergency services respond, and need to coordinate their efforts with others. Time is often of the essence.
10 Latecomers: The villains have already taken action, and the heroes are either only in time to keep them from getting away, or else must unravel the mystery of their actions.


Adventures aren’t always as simple as they seem. They will sometimes provide side-challenges based on the circumstances, or on a hero or team’s priorities and problems.

d10 # of Complications
1-5 0
6-8 1
9 2
10 3
d10 Complication Source
1-3 Current Adventure
4 Team Subplot
5-10 Character Subplot

To choose the character for a subplot, roll 1d10 and count around the characters involved.

Roll on appropriate character or team’s Subplot table

d10 Subplot relationship
1-2 Associated with target
3-4 Associated with threat
5-6 In conflict with target
7-8 In conflict with threat
9-10 Unrelated distraction

Adventure Generator

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