• Gateway City Police Department

    Police Chief: [[:debramanning | Debra Manning]] Deputy Police Chief: [[:nightstick | Nick Tyler]] The GCPD has a unit devoted to responding to super-criminal activity, the [[Extraordinary Crimes Unit]].

  • Debra Manning

    Tough but fair, hardbitten but deep-down idealistic, and an honest cop in every possible sense.

  • Nightstick

    Crusading hero cop Nick Tyler has a spotless record in the GCPD. Many criminals would be surprised (and some happy, others terrified) to know that he has a dark secret: he is the shadowy, dangerous and uncompromising vigilante known as Nightstick. Once …

  • Captain Ray Henderson

    - Formerly commander of the Dinosaur Island unit, until the Golden Orchids incident. - Now a "mere" captain in the GC Special Crimes unit. - Gruff, no-nonsense. Prone to head-on solutions and to "bending the rules" - Doesn't tolerate fools gladly