Olympian hand of Fate, and Master of Weather


Agility: 2 Might: 3 Intellect: -3 Savvy: 2 Confidence: 3* Control: 1 (Cost = 42)

Academics -3 Persuasion 4 (Seduction) (Cost = 20)
Athletics 3 (Dancing) Piloting -3
Detective Stealth 4* (Disguise)
Fighting 4 (Improvised) Streetwise
Languages 2 (European) Technical -3
Larceny -3 Tracking -2
Mksmnship 4* (Death from above) Unnerve 6 (Awe)
Medicine -3 Wilderness 1 (Weather sense)

Flaws: (Cost = -20)
Brooding 5 2 10 Recover slowly from emotional trauma
Wanted 5 2 10 Federal Authorities (under code name)

Assets: (Cost = 63)
1000 Faces 2 Master of blending in.
Ingenuity 4 3 12 Connections, Contingency Plan, Gadget, Nick of Time
Tough 2 2 4
Untouchable 2 Use Confidence* for close combat defence. +2 to
Defence for rng attacks from up to 1 zone away.
Alias 2 Theo Chariton
Contacts 5 2 10 Employees and contractors.
Gear 7 1 7
Rank 5 3 15 Olympia Financial Chief Executive Officer
Wealth 3 3 9 $10 million

Power Defects and Flaws: (Cost = -15)
Uncontrollable 5 -3 -15 Environmental Control is always on, influenced by Zeus’ moods. Requires a challenge to turn off
or otherwise control.

Power Attributes: (Cost = 62)
Enhanced Aptitude 6 +3 Unnerve
Innate Technique 10 Shapeshift Str 8, Range self, Dur 1 hr, Ctrl + Stealth*
Innate Technique 5 Teleport Str 3, Range varies, Dur Inst, Ctrl + Stealth*
Invulnerability 10 When taking damage from a non-Super source, you ignore all Shock as
well as damage.
Super Aptitude 5 Marksmanship
Super Aptitude 5 Stealth
Super Wounds 8 Non-Super damage lasts only until Shock wears off (min. current shot).
Super Virtue 15 Confidence

Power Sources: Elemental Command (Weather) Lvl 3 (Cost = 21)
Conjure 5 0 Result min Elemental Command + Unnerve
Env. Ctrl 4 3 Result min Elemental Command + Wilderness
Obscure 3 1 5(Result) Shots Elemental Command + Stealth*
Rng Strk Varies 3 Instant Elemental Command + Marksmanship*

Drive: 8 Passions: Lust 4 (Sacrificial Tribute) (Cost = 20)
Risk 3 (Seduction)
Hatred 3 (Prometheus)

Weapons: Machine Pistol (10)

Protective Gear:

Personal Gear: Disguise Kit (6)

Lair: (19 points contibuted to Olympian HQ)


At the dawn of humanity, people anthropomorphized forces, fears and dreams to help them deal with the world around them. As time passed, the Forces divided themselves into two groups in accordance with their position toward these humans around them. The Olympians see humans as resources, the Titans see them as responsibilities. There has been a multi-millennial public relations battle as to which of them are the heroes, and which the villains.

One of these forces we will call Fate. Fate is who controls sun and rain, birth and death; Fate writes out your inescapable destiny. Fate has been pictured as a person who can be placated, if not reliably so. So long as people fear Fate, there will be one being living, in the form of a human, fulfilling Fate’s role. In different times and cultures, that one has been called many different names, including Destiny, Shiva, or Yahweh.

About ten years ago, an incarnation of Shiva was killed in Ireland. He was able to keep his memories as he reincarnated at a similar age he died at (Ingenuity: Contingency Plan and an Opportunity), but reformed in New York, where there was already an established outpost of Olympians. In exchanges with these Olympians, Fate realized he now had weather-control powers. Calling himself Zeus, he relocated to Gateway City, where he opened a branch of Olympia Financial, himself as CEO. He seeks your sacrifice, in the form of whatever you value most.


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