Mystic Martial Artist, and half of the Tao!


Superhuman-level martial arts abilities, focused on ‘hard-style’ kung fu. Includes Fast Reactions and Affinity. Fighting is only Super when within 10m of Yin. Low-level Regeneration.

Possesses Elemental Control: Yang, and several abilities, including Ranged Strike, Healing, Boost and Environmental Control.


Derek and Cathy Yi were on an adventure vacation in the Himalayas when their group was attacked by strange demons who caused people’s flesh to spontaneously combust. The couple would have been killed, except for the intervention of a hermit who drove the monsters off.

The hermit turned out to be a Taoist immortal and alchemist, who healed their wounds. When the demons’ master attacked the immortal, however, the Yis were once again wounded in the fight. They attempted to save themselves using the alchemist’s draught of immortality, but were not spiritually refined enough.

When their blood mingled on the floor, however, their combined essence was enough to trigger the potion, turning them into chi-fueled powerhouses. They defeated the Lord of the Hell of Burning-Off Flesh, and then returned to Gateway City, where they have become the defenders of Chinatown.

Derek is bold, and adventurous, with a reckless streak tempered by his wife. Professionally, he is an up-and-coming architect, who is gaining a reputation as an innovator.


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