White Dwarf

This acrobat has a small size, but packs a BIG punch!


Super Might and Toughness due to density, Leaping ability, and largely-unexplored Energy Projection powers that are based on the damage level taken.

Has Legendary (5 and 5), and is an accomplished Acrobat and Scrapper. Also owns his own circus.


- Born to the circus ringmaster and the bearded lady, Carl Samson discovered his super-dense physique in childhood, and has spent the time since both honing its use, and making use of it to the best of his abilities.
- Spends most of his time as a carnival headliner, but occasionally packs up and goes on a road trip of superheroic adventure.
- Recently, was captured by Dr. Radiotron and experimented on. This left him with the power to release some of his body’s density as a strange energy, but only once he has been damaged.

White Dwarf

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