Lord Tyrannos

The deadly Dinosaur King!


Large (Size +1) tyrannosaur-man. Super Intellect. Great Wealth in the form of treasures from his kingdom. Transported with his mate Lady Tyrannos, and the Aarks, tiny servants.


Tyrannos was King of the Dinosaur People in the lost lost age before history. These sophisticated but savage beings were at war with the ancestors of humankind, led by the hero Keil.

Tyrannos attempted a great magic of the Ancient Ones to destroy the “pink-skinned monkeys” once and for all. Due to Keil’s last-minute intervention, the spell misfired. Instead of its intended purpose, it flung Keil, Tyrannos, his mate and minions, and the very island they were standing on, many years into the future. Arriving in present-day Gateway City, Tyrannos has continued his war against the monkeys, and dreams of restoring his race.

Lord Tyrannos

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