The Goblin King

The Immortal (and immoral) lord of a dark legion of the Unseelie. Cruel, power-mad, and posessed of a truly wicked sense of humour.


Rank 5: Faerie Courts
Rank 5: Dunsany Corporation

Secret: mortal identity: Lord Jareth Dunsany


*Greed 5: Magic

*Genius 5: Machiavellian

Power Source: Faerie Magic Level 4


Though blessed with power unimagined by mortals as unquestioned king of the unseelie goblin hordes and nearly the most powerful sorcerer in his (or any) realm, it was still not enough for The Goblin King. (Yes, he has a name. A True Name. But we’re not going to tell YOU that) For though he would never admit it (nor allow any subordinate to even breathe a hint at the possibility) he knows the identity of a Faerie sorcerer more powerful than himself: that foolish, softhearted, weak-willed, and utterly – ugh! – Seelie piskie known as Mr. Underhill. Who – quite naturally – fled the awesome might and wrath of The Goblin King to hide under a bridge in the Mortal realm. Conveniently, he happened to pick the same city where dwells The Goblin King’s preferred stepping stone on the path to ultimate magical power: a mortal charms-smith who styles himself Talismonger. No mortal should be allowed to use the kind of power that fool possesses, after all.

As befits his station, he has used his faerie magics to set himself up as a personage of wealth and power in the mortal world: Jareth Dunsany, 16th lord of Dunsany and head of the Dunsany Corporation. A fitting foothold from which to pursue his goals and from there dominate the mortal realm as he does the Seelie, starting with his opponents mortal demesne, this aptly-named Gateway City.

It was said by others (who naturally stole the phrase from The Goblin King himself to begin with) but remains ever true: Lord, what fools these mortals be!

The Goblin King

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