A heroic archer and martial artist with superhuman strength


Paul McDormand is a mutant who has possessed increased tissue and bone density since birth. This gave his super-strength and resilience, but also made him dangerous, as he didn’t have control over these enhanced abilities.

Paul’s parents turned to Roshi Sato Ken, who took Paul under his wing at the Zen monastery he ran in the heart of Gateway City. Over the years, Paul learned to control his vast strength through meditation, as well as the practice of aikido/aikijutsu and kyudo (Zen archery). In spire of all his training, Paul was never a very good Zen monk, and took employment outside the monastery as a dockworker.

Paul’s quiet life came to an end when members of a street gang raided the monastery, and beat up his roshi for not paying protection money. The monastery was repaired and Sato Ken survived, but the event catalyzed Paul’s frustration. He adopted a disguise, and took to the streets hunting these violent thugs with his bow.

One of his first encounters saved the life of Lon Porter, a former criminal gadgeteer, now retired. Lon was intensely grateful, but also a bit unimpressed with the young man’s gear. He outfitted him with a “proper battlesuit”, night-vision goggles, a specially-designed bow with a 1 ton draw weight, and a quiver of trick arrows. Lon christened the combination of Paul and his new equipment “Strongbow”.


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