A master of mayhem with powers of radioactive projection!


High physical Virtues and Control. Skilled at Fighting (Dirty), Marksmanship (Messy) and Unnerve (Vicious).

Level 5 in Scrapper and Marksman. Tough and Pain Tolerant. Moderation Leadership, Ingenuity, and Coordinator.

Innate “Cerenkov field” aura of radiation which both protects Roentgen and damages those who come into contact with it. Also deflects trajectories giving Super Defence. Highly resistant to radiation.

Level 5 Radiation Control power source. To date, is only able to make Ranged Attacks and Energize objects.


Outlaw biker and freelance legbreaker Lionel Rankin was tired of being on the lower tiers of the criminal hierarchy. Contacting Dr. Radiotron (for whom he had done some work in the past), Lionel paid the doctor a large sum of money (stolen in an armored car heist) to give him super-powers.

The doctor grafted neurophasic radiotronic emitters to Rankin’s main nerve trunks, including the spine and limbs. This gave him a deadly radioactive aura, and the ability to gather and manipulate “hard” radiation like x-rays and gamma rays.

Lionel acquired a super-suit (with radium insets!) and re-christened himself Roentgen. He then assembled a team of radioactive-powered super-criminals, which he has christened the RadioActives.


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