An incredible athlete, with the ability to mimic anything he sees!


Enhanced Fighting, Marksmanship and Athletics, and Super Athletics. High levels in Acrobat and Athlete, and levels in Martial Artist and Marksman. Limited Fast Reactions.

His muscle mimic ability is a Savvy + Athletics Technique that allows him to Boost himself with observed physical feats (including Aptitudes, Assets and Attributes). Has limited Ingenuity, including a unique Technique that lets him spend Ingenuity points to permanently duplicated Boosted effects.

Has a small Arsenal of track-and-field “weapons”, and a staff which reconfigures itself into multiple different modes, including escrima sticks, staff and bow.


Douglas Katt was a talented college athlete when a battle between an alien speedster-hero and his archnemesis spilled into a track meet. Wounded, the alien gave Douglas a transfusion of his own strange blood.

Katt gained a boost to his already-impressive abilities, and the ability to instantly analyse and duplicate any athletic feat he sees. He took a job as a track coach at a local high school, and divides his time between his teaching and his adventures as Reflex.


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