A mythic trickster with a bag of tricks and incredible skills at stealth.


At the dawn of humanity, people anthropomorphized forces, fears and dreams to help them deal with the world around them. As time passed, the Forces divided themselves into two groups in accordance with their position toward these humans around them. The Olympians see humans as resources, the Titans see them as responsibilities. There has been a multi-millenia public relations battle as to which of them are the heroes, and which the villians.

One of these dreams we will call the Liberator. The Liberator frees you from what seems inescapable, be it a literal prison, or enslavement to some being or condition. The Liberator has been pictured as a person who may come from outside the known order to help in desperate situations. So long as people dream of a Liberator, there will be one being living, in the form of a human, fulfilling the Liberator’s role. In different times and cultures, that one has been called many
different names, including Moses, Zorro and Robin Hood.

A few years ago, an incarnation of Robin Hood was killed in Egypt. He was able to keep his memories as he reincarnated at a similar age he died at (Ingenuity: Contingency Plan and an Opportunity), but he left his equipment behind, including his bow. Instead, in his pocket were some pieces of flint, allowing him to summon fire elementals. He now calls himself Prometheus. Finding himself across an ocean from where he died, Prometheus re-equipped himself in an Olympian armoury and learned that Zeus was setting up a base in Gateway City. Prometheus went to see if he could help the heroes of Gateway with his old foe.


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