A man from another Earth, Perspective has the power to distort his body through space!


High Super Agility, good Super Intellect, good Super Savvy. Some Fighting, excellent Technical (Dimensional Science). McGyver.

Risk 4 (the Unknown), Genius 3 (Discovery), Devotion 3 (family)

Enhanced Agility, Extended Reach 2, Super Wounds, Enhanced Shock, Ground Speed 2. “Space” Shifting 2 (Savvy-based – Boost)


Dr. Ronal Quimby was a pioneering super-scientist on a parallel Earth. He constructed a device which could create a portal between his Gateway City and ours. Stepping through without testing it, Ronal was transported into our world.

Unfortunately, he had miscalculated slightly. The physical constants of this universe are not identical to his own, and the dimensional bridge does not compensate for them. Ronal discovered that he had the ability to mentally control how he occupied physical space in this world, effectively allowing him to “stretch” or “contract” his body at will.

While Ronal was coming to terms with his new abilities, a master thief (who would become Abstract) altered the coordinates on his device, throwing off the calibrations and causing the dimensional bridge to collapse. Ronal soon discovered that the dimensional bridge he had designed did not work when activated from this universe.

Ronal has dedicated most of his time to redesigning the bridge, but he has also acted to foil crimes in his heroic identity of Perspective.


Gateway City GC_Director