The Pacifier power armor is designed for urban pacification and non-lethal response. The man within makes it a force against evil and warmongers to be reckoned with.


Normal human archetype, with paraplegia. Character possesses a uniquely-attuned set of power armor which gives Super Might, armor, increased perception, and several non-lethal weapons systems.


Derek Bradley was an up-and-coming track star when a carjacking left him unable to walk. Always driven to overcome his limitations, he found his way to Dr. Timothy McGregor. McGregor had been developing a neural interface and prosthetic harness that would enable paraplegics to walk.

Derek signed up for the experimental procedure, and was implanted with a neural control chip. As he was recovering, however, disaster struck. The forces of ARSENAL invaded the building, bent on stealing a power armor suit that used the same neural-link technology. Derek put on the suit and activated it with his neural chip. With such formidable (and unexpected) enemies, ARGENT was routed.

Afterwards, Derek discovered that that chip had attuned iteself uniquely to the Pacifier suit, and vice-versa. Nobody else could use the armor, but nor could Derek use the leg harness. He made the decision to continue as Pacifier, a force for right and decency in the world.


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