Dark vigilante of Gateway City, obsessed with Justice when The Law fails.


General Description:
In top physical condition, trained in martial arts, and with an almost supernatural ability to intimidate. Powers only manifest when the “Nightstick” personality is in control, otherwise he is top Police officer Nick Tyler, trusted right-hand-man to Gateway City’s Chief of Police DebraManning.

Key Exemplar Stats:
Everything at +3

Key Aptitudes:
Detective 4 (The Criminal Mind), Fighting 4 (Take-downs), Marksmanship 3 (Take-downs), Streetwise 3 (Criminals), Unnerve 4 (Incorruptible)

Key Assets:
Rank 4 (Police), Ingenuity 5, Contact 3 (Single: Debra Manning)

Key Flaws:
Distinctive 3 (Famous: Hero Cop), Secret 5 (Nightstick), Compulsion 5 (Nightstick Persona, activates by losing a Control challenge initiated when Nightstick’s Passions are engaged)

Super Agility, Might, and Control. Enhanced Savvy. Only usable in Nightstick persona

Nick’s Passions:
Creed 5 (Law and Order), Genius 3 (Justice), Rival 2 (Nightstick)

Nightstick’s Passions:
Obsession 5 (Justice), Hatred 2 (Smug Criminals), Genius 3 (Retribution)

Drive: 7

Reputation (as Nightstick)
Visibility: -3
Adoration: +2


Crusading hero cop Nick Tyler has a spotless record in the GCPD. Many criminals would be surprised (and some happy, others terrified) to know that he has a dark secret: he is the shadowy, dangerous and uncompromising vigilante known as Nightstick.

Once, Nick Tyler let his need for justice get the better of him. He made a bargain with – something – that he would never let another crime go unpunished. Now, when the Law fails Nick, his anger and indignation rises, takes physical form, and takes over as the inhumanly fast, strong, and terrifying Nightstick.


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