Midnight Sun

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely.. but it rocks absolutely too."


Force Projection, Enhanced Control, Fast reactions, Land speed increase, Leaping, Passive force field, special resistances :: magic/force projection, increased wound and shock threshold.

A Mud Brick/Artillery unit with a thing for raising hell.


Midday Star, and Midnight Sun. Two bitter rivals who have been slugging it out for hundreds and hundreds of years. Immortal beings created long ago with a seemingly singular purpose. War. And they can be damned good at it.

The details are unknown even to them, even more so on how long they have gave in to their complete willingness to try and flatten/incinerate/explode/implode/etc the other. Considering they both have nearly exactly the same powers, this makes actually accomplishing that goal much more difficult.

Unlike his counterpart, Sun has fully accepted the awesome of his powers. Why in Hell wouldn’t he use them? They are there, they feel great, and they are great for getting done whatever the hell he wants. The addiction is not that hard to control when he wants to back down. Where Star doesn’t want to give into the powers, Sun simply doesn’t want to lose control, anything before that point and he is in the clear.

The best way to sum up Sun may be in the name of one of his favorite games: ‘Collateral and Chaos’.

Midnight Sun

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