Midday Star

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely"


Force Projection, Enhanced Control, Fast reactions, Land speed increase, Leaping, Passive force field, special resistances :: magic/force projection, increased wound and shock threshold.

Control :: 5 (3+2), Agility :: 4, Might :: 3, Fighting :: 5 (one on one)

Drive :: 7
Passions ::
Rival :: 2, Midnight Sun
Risk :: 4, Power Rush
Creed :: 3, Honor in Combat

As a human being, without his power source, star would be described best as a ‘Mud Brick’ capable of taking one heck of a hit.. over, and over, and over. For a guy with normal (non super) wounds, and considering the kind of guys that end to be delivering those hits. It is impressive to say the least. As a superhero, his power set revolves around (preferable) range. His is an artillery unit, made to get where he wants to go fast, and then stay there for as long as needed raining hurt into whatever he needs wants to.

“Im really glad you’re on our side..” — Yang
Force Projection power source. Addictive. Using the Force Projection Power Source is Control + Power Source, each time a power is used you accumulate 1 point of addiction. When he wishes to stop using the power source a control challenge must be made with a difficulty equal to the current number of addiction points (success removes all addiction points).

“… Let me show you true immortal power!” — Star to the Demon Lord
‘Overclocking’ the power source: He can go over the limit of his powers with.. a different penalty (not fatigue). When he pushes the limits of the power source he takes extra addiction points equal to 1+the strain over the limit of whatever he is doing. Yes that does mean you can do a strain 15 (or something equally crazy) Force project attack without collapsing.. you know.. immediately.

“He is stealthy.. Until he is not” — Mike McCall
“He lights up like a Christmas tree.. That is on fire” — Daniel Smith
When his power source has been activated (or about to be activated, or if he still has any addiction points active) He is bathed in this blue nimbus of light. The more he uses his power (the more difficult) the more intense the light gets until It actively looks like he is wreathed in blue Flame. Overclocking or using drive makes this effect exceptionally noticeable.. from a few blocks away.


“There have been rumors of this hero since World War 2, a being with the ability to bring powers of incredible devastation to bear but is reluctant to use them. Most people, considered him nothing more than an urban legend/a manufactured story to use as a psychological weapon in the war.”

Midday Star, and Midnight Sun. Two bitter rivals who have been slugging it out for hundreds and hundreds of years. Immortal beings created long ago with a seemingly singular purpose. War. And they can be damned good at it.

The details are unknown even to them, even more so on how long they have gave in to their complete willingness to try and flatten/incinerate/explode/implode/etc the other. Considering they both have nearly exactly the same powers, this makes actually accomplishing that goal much more difficult.

Star now spends his days in ragged old clothes wandering around Emerald Park. Before a particular encounter with an.. interesting old man in that same part he wandered more. Now, he is content to call that park his main place of residence. A place of peace, where he can gaze up to the nigh sky without the lights of the city glaring back at him.

Star tries tremendously hard to be careful with his power, careful to not fall farther into the addiction, and if he can think of another way (that wont end up with any additional casualties) to accomplish something without using his power, he would gladly take it. However, his power is always there, always looming like a dark cloud in his mind, always tempting him to ‘just use it, just this once. Only a little bit, just to get this done. You can stop any time you want.’

Midday Star

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