Lon Porter

A former super-villain, long retired, who is now putting his creations to work on the side of justice.


Lon Porter had a long (if not illustrious) career as a costumed villain in the 70s and 80s, using his sophisticated super-weapons against the heroes of the day.

With the dawn of darker, more brutal vigilantes and villains in the 80s, Lon decided it was time to retire. He changed his name, and disappeared into Gateway City’s Southside, running an electronics-repair shop and keeping his head down.

When he was attacked by a vicious gang, Lon was saved by a masked archer (later to become Strongbow). He assisted the young man, and crafted his special weaponry. Now, Lon works on inventions to aid Strongbow’s fight (and possibly other members of the Vigilants), at least partly out of a desire to redeem his villainous past.

Lon Porter

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