Lieutenant Kinsey Calhoun

Career Soldier and Canadian commander of the joint task force that oversees Dinosaur Island


Calhoun is a capable and experienced officer and veteran of numerous engagements. His current assignment is as Canadian co-Commander of the JTF assigned to monitor Dinosaur Island. A soldier in appearance and posture, he is distinguished by a scar across the left side of his face, made by dinosaur claw-marks. When annoyed, worried, or merely musing about his current assignment, he tends to rub the scar while muttering about the dangers of Dinosaur Island.

Calhoun is fairly no-nonsense in regard to civilian activity on Dinosaur Island, but the nature of his assignment requires a certain degree of improvisation, and encourages a certain degree of eccentricity. He keeps his helicopters well stocked with various and sometimes improbable supplies, ranging from bazookas to coffee makers, and introduces himself with the American pronunciation of his title when talking to Americans, reasoning that he does not want to confuse them. He has a shoot-first policy in relation to the dinosaurs that roam the island if they pose even a theoretical threat. He is fiercely loyal to his government and fellow citizens, and will do whatever he can to protect them from the dangers of Dinosaur Island, which includes providing aid to Super Heroes (though he prefers that those he’s aiding be fellow Canucks).

Lieutenant Kinsey Calhoun

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