A brutal thug inside a suit of powerful battle armour.


Good Might, Agility and Confidence. +1 Savvy, -1 Intellect. 3 Fighting/Marksmanship, 4 Unnerve (Pain). Soldierly skills, -1 Persuasion.

Wanted by the military. Good Scrapper, Tough, Pain Tolerance and Reaction Speed.

All powers from armour. Grants Size +1, Super Might, Shock Resist 5, Enhanced Might +3, flight 2 and a targeting array. Has a chain gun a mini-rocket launcher. Also reduces Agility, gives Combat Paralysis 5 as a result of being waldo-driven.


Barry Carson was a soldier with a vicious streak he long managed to keep concealed from his superiors. He even almost made it through Special Forces training, but the DI was more on-the-ball than the Army shrinks. By enthusiasm and hand-to-hand combat skill, Barry made it into Project: Mjolnir.

Barry became one of the test pilots for the “Godhammer” armour. He liked the power it gave him. So much, in fact, that when he was caught giving a brutal beating to a civilian who had mouthed off to him earlier and dishonorably discharged, he took the suit with him.

Since then, Barry has been hiding, looking for a way to fix the suit’s notable lack of responsiveness. Recently, he attempted to kidnap Dr. Tim McGregor, and was captured. His Hammer suit was destroyed by Keil.


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