A monster hunter shrouded in mystical armour, with the power to conjure and command nightmares.


At the dawn of humanity, people anthropomorphized forces, fears and dreams to help them deal with the world around them. As time passed, the Forces divided themselves into two groups in accordance with their position toward these humans around them. The Olympians see humans as resources, the Titans see them as responsibilities. There has been a multi-millennial public relations battle as to which of them are the heroes, and which the villians.

One of these dreams we will call the Monster Hunter. The Monster Hunter stands between you and the darkness so that you do not have to fear what lurks there. So long as people dream of someone between them and their nightmares, there will be one being living, in the form of a human, fulfilling the Monster Hunter’s role. In different times and cultures, that one has been called many different names, including the Black Knight, St. George, and Buffy. Many generations ago, the Monster Hunter learned how to use the powers of the Nightmare Realms to return escapees from that realm back to their home. At the height of her powers, she crafted Reaper Armour and bound it to her.

The latest incarnation grew up as a mystic in California, unaware of her heritage until her Reaper Armour formed around her when she was attacked by an undead, giant alligator. The armour allowed her to tap into the universal unconsciousness of the Nightmare Realm and learn truths about the Olympians, the Titans, and her role as Monster Hunter. She spent several years traveling the country, learning all she could about monsters and how to kill them until she realized she was having an easier time empathizing with the monsters than with the people she was supposed to be responsible for. Afraid of becoming what she fought, she gave up her studies into what monsters were, deciding that overwhelming force killed most of them just fine. She calls herself Grimm, now, and has moved in with Prometheus at Gateway City. He’s always been a fairly good touchstone for keeping human. Well, humanish.


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