An alien explorer with a super-speed "overdrive"


+5 Agility, +3 Intellect & Confidence. Athletics 4 (Super Running), Technical 4 (Alien); good knowledge skills. Wanted by Argal the Conqueror. Athlete 4, Martial Artis 2, Ingenuity 3, Danger-sense

Dependent on unusual minerals in food. Distinctive and Stigma from alien nature. -1 Might enhancement. Bane of environment outside the solar system (5).

Fast Reactions 5, Land Speed 7 (limited to 30 consecutive shots before incurring fatigue). Super Defence, Enhanced Agility, Regeneration 3. Super vision and Sensory Enhancement 3 (from seeing at super speed).


Velok Atay was an explorer examining this stretch of the Milky Way galaxy. When he saw that Argal, a noted warlord, had targeted Earth, he raced here to warn us, and stayed to hold off the alien conqueror. In the process, his system became attuned to Sol’s cosmic envelope, meaning he could no longer leave the solar system.

Velok has adopred the codename Flashpoint, and adopted Smuggler’s Bay, a nearby town, as his base of operations.


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