Beautiful and poweful, Flare is the epitome of celebrity - supermodel and hero!


Good Savvy and Control. Maximum Confidence. Some skill at Athletics and Fighting, good Streetwise and Persuasion. Appearance (Attractive), Untouchable, Steady 1, Wealth 2, Marksman 3.

Glory (Limelight) 4, Responsibility (Use powers for good) 3

Flight 3, Extra Senses (Heat, expanded EM spectrum), Elemental Control (fire, light) 4.

Distinctive: Glows faintly (only perceptible in the dark), high IR signature.


Janice James was born a mutant with light-generation powers. She has always been “out” about her mutant abilities, which were minor during her childhood.

During puberty, her control over light and heat increased dramatically. Janice made a point of practicing with her powers. At age 16, her good looks and flashy abilities attracted talent scouts, and Janice embarked on a career as a model. Since taking public stage, she has also acted as a super-hero, and the two careers have meshed well.


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