Carcinoma, the Living Tumour

Once a human being, Carcinoma is now a perpetual hunger, a cancer ever seeking to metastasize.


High Super-Might, high Confidence. Low Agility and Control. Achilles’ Heel in rational thought. High Unnerve, Fighting, and Wilderness. Some skill in Tracking (Meat) and Marksmanship (Thrown). Below average in most other skills.

Highly skilled Scrapper, extremely tough with maximum Pain Tolerance. 1 level of Steady does little to counteract his low shock rating. Monstrous appearance makes him hard to miss, but gives an Advantage to intimidation.

Dependent on a high radiation background count, and the need to consume quantities of “cancerized” body tissues. Carcinoma can cancerize animal tissue at a touch, and once cancerized can absorb it. If he absorbs sufficient mass, he grows (up to Size +3).

Carcinoma’s hide is dense and calcified, giving him Armour and an increased damage to his fists. He also possesses high Toughness because of his inhuman body structure, which shifts to compensate for any damage.


Carcinoma’s origin is shrouded in mystery. He was found wandering the New Mexico desert, near the areas of the atomic bomb tests. It has been theorized that a drifter was exposed to some high-radiation event which altered his body chemistry, and that the subsequent transformation snapped an already-fragile mind.

Carcinoma wandered the area, having a few run-ins with the U.S. Army, until Roentgen took him in and gave his hatred and lust for flesh a direction.

Carcinoma, the Living Tumour

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