Blast Shadow

A living portal to a dimesion of darkness and radiation


High Intellect and Control, moderate Agility and Confidence. Skilled in Stealth (Super – Shadows), Technical (Super – Radiation), Medicine (Radiation), Unnerve, Academics (Physics).

Moderate Ingenuity (Incredible Effort, Nick of Time, Obscure Clue), highly talented Skulker.

Normally Intangible, with no need for food, air, water and immunity to aging. Dependent on radioactive background count.

Super power source: Dimensional Portal. Gives Phasing, Teleportation, Environmental Control, Ranged Strike, and Obscure (by way of shadows).


Dr. Andrei Karazov was a Soviet scientist experimenting with human enhancements through radiation. One of his experiments went awry, and he was exposed to strange, radioactive energies which blasted a hole in the fabric of space-time.

Dr. Karazov was transported into a dimension he dubbed the “Gamma Realm”, a place of strange, radioactive energies, combined with a lack of visible light, heat, cold or anything that could be said to correspond to normal space. His body, infused by the accident with these radiations, began to mutate into a form more natural to the Gamma Realm.

Eventually, Karazov was able to escape, into the world of the 21st century. Finding his beloved Soviet Union fallen, he has dedicated his new life to creating a new Communist Utopia in the Gamma Realm. The fact that his idea of “proper communism” looks a lot like a Stalinist police state is secondary to the horrors of the Gamma Realm in his failure so far.

Blast Shadow

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