Argal the Conqueror

A powerful telekinetic alien who has established a reign of terror across the galaxy


Powerful Confidence-based Psychokinesis, including the creation of force-fields, concentrated psychic blasts for attack, and telekinesis with a high degree of control.


- Conqueror of several worlds in the local arm of the galaxy, mainly through overwhelming military might.

- Was repelled by the Eridani, but at high cost. Set a course for Earth (newly-discovered by Eridani scouts), trailed by the explorer who would become known as Flashpoint.

- Clashed with Flashpoint on numerous occasions, as well as with Reflex. On their last encounter, was knocked into the fusion drive of his spacecraft, and seemingly destroyed.

- It was recently revealed that Argal has taken control of the body of Brute under mysterious circumstances.

Argal the Conqueror

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