A master thief from a parallel Earth, Peri Doran was transformed by passage into our reality. Now, she can mentally control space!


High Agility, exceptional Savvy. Exceptional Larceny (cat burglar) and Stealth (Unseen). Combat Sense, Skulker 5, Ingenuity 3 (Gadget, Contingency Plan, Nick of Time).

Dimension Control 3 (Vanish, Teleport, Phasing), Affinity (skulker), Enhanced Stealth, Enhanced Reach 1, Super Agility.


Peri Doran was a master thief who specialized in daring thefts of scientific prototypes. She discovered the work of the man who would become Perspective. When she saw him vanish, she assumed he had created a teleportation device.

She attempted to reset the device to a different location, and stepped through. Her alteration to the co-ordinates inflicted much greater stress on her than on Dr. Quimby. She was dimensionally out of sync with this Earth. However, she soon discovered that she had acquired the ability to manipulate space, warping it to her will.


Gateway City GC_Director