Dan McKnight

Recently minted non-human who now researches superpowers and donates large sums of money to heroes and hero groups in the city


Just a year ago, Dan McKnight was human. Having inherited a large sum of money at the age of 29, he quickly increased his wealth when he became the owner and manager of the very successful software company Impressive Solutions.

Sometime before his fortieth birthday, however, Dan McKnight woke up one morning to discover he had become a super being. Although he was still humanoid and tangible, it was as if someone had replaced his body with a hole, a view of space the size and shape of McKnight. His “skin” was now pitch blackness full of stars.

McKnight became a recluse, appearing in public only to make donations to what has become his causes: increasing human knowlege of supers, and allowing supers to do their work without harassment – usually the latter. Several times he has given money directly to one or more supers who had come up against a financial barrier. He has even redirected a portion of his company’s resources to such research.

A year after McKnight’s transformation, a new hero began to make a name in Gateway City. Some clever folks have connected Paladin to McKnight, but by and large, nobody knows that McKnight has a hero identity, and he strives to keep it that way.

Dan McKnight

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