Gateway City's fanatical anarchist hitman at large, his weapon of choice is high explosives.


Gifted Professional

Visibility 2, Fear 3

Creed 5: Anarchy, Genius 5: Explosions

Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Focus: Demolitions: Explosives, Affinity: Ingenuity 1, Ingenuity 5, Contacts, Wealth, McGuyver, Arsenal 3

Wanted: 5, Compulsion 3 (Use explosives wherever possible, target authority, leave calling cards), Achilles Heel: Foresight 4.


Little is known about the background of the notorious criminal known only as Cookbook. It’s been theorized by several profilers that he is a bored and/or jaded child of affluence, and very very likely a clinical pyromaniac. What is known for certain is that he is a devout and fanatical anarchist, who exercises both his political agenda and proclivity for high explosives in his profession as an assassin for hire.

Like his preferred methods he is in no way subtle but very, very effective unless contained quickly.

Early in his career he ran afoul of Nightstick, whom he sees as a kindred spirit with the wrong ideals who just needs encouragement down the right path.

He takes great delight in antagonizing the GCPD, especially crusading Hero Cop Nick Tyler whom he feels needs to be (in his own words) “yanked down several pegs off his high horse, hopefully removing the nightstick from his [censored] in the process!”

It is unknown if he is aware of the connection between his two favorite targets.

He was most recently arrested for the attempted assassination of Police Chief Debra Manning, and various related acts of terrorism against the United Nations building in Gateway City.


Gateway City GC_Director