Gateway City

Our story begins when The Cabbie became aware of a series of mysterious disappearances. Talismonger, learning of them, was convinced that they were linked to a dark premonition he had had — someone was trying to raise Gisinibi the Hungerer once again.

While Talismonger sought out the mystic loci connected with this cold and hungry power, Cabbie conducted a more mundane investigation in his civilian identity. Both discover the traces of a secret society, called the Frozen Banquet. Led by a man named Anthony Lavoie, the banquet is a cannibal cult dedicated to ancient beings of cold and hunger.

Scrying out the places of power, Talismonger determined that two of them were warehouses, presumably where potential sacrifices were being kept before the Banquet’s dark ritual. The third was a stately home in a posh neighbourhood, likely the headquarters of the vile cult.

Meanwhile, Cabbie contacted Lavoie in an attempt to infiltrate the cult. He is quickly exposed (thanks to his unsubtle pitch), captured, and left to the mercies of ravenous Windigo-zombies. Only the last-second intervention of Talismonger prevented his gruesome death.

Regrouping, the two heroes call for aid. They send Pillar, Strongbow, Pacifier and Solar to the warehouses to free the abductees while they attempted to infiltrate the Banquet’s sanctum.

The pair arrive at the house and easily locate the secret passages down to the ritual chambers below. Unfortunately, the Cabbie’s earlier call to the press has alerted the cult, and they are prepared for the heroes. The cultists spring a magical trap, and then leave both our heroes and several hostages to be devoured by windigo. Talismonger is able to shatter the trap and Cabbie summons his cab and rescues the hostages, but Lavoie is long gone.



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