Gateway City

The Reactor Plot

Featuring the Death of Radiotron

In the twilight hours, a strange ripple passed through the Experimental Fusion Reactor, off-shore near (but not too near) Gateway City. Out of the ripple came over a dozen men. They were dressed like bikers, but carried strange weapons, like some ray rifle out of Buck Rogers. They fanned out, moving with sure knowledge. Behind them came four strange individuals. The RadioActives, along with their sometimes associate Dr. Radiotron.

By the time the police arrived, the villains had taken control of the entire building. They communicated with the police: the island was to be turned over to them by the city, the U.S. and Canada by noon the next day, or the RadioActives would cause the reactor to go supercritical.

It was nearing midnight by the time the heroes arrived, in quick succession. The Cabbie, Jeneal and Talismonger flew in and landed by the docks where Captain Henderson had set up his Extraordinary Crimes Unit post. Ilsa, on the other hand, bypassed the police presence, and began to take a look around itself.

The heroes were (reluctantly) filled in by Cpt. Henderson, and given a look at the layout of the reactor. Talismonger sent out his astral form to look around, while Cabbie and Ilsa planned a daring raid (using the chameleon feature of the Cabbie’s suit). Talismonger determined that all four RadioActives were present, along with over a dozen of the raygun-armed thugs. Meanwhile, Ilsa had snuck up and found a window (s)he could enter by, but held off for now.

Cabbie activated his cloaking device and snuck past the guards at the front door. Talismonger guided him to the main superstructure, a closed door with the RadioActives behind it. Distracting the guards with clever sleight of hand, Cabbie slipped into the superstructure room and moved into place.

Talismonger teleported Jeneal into the raised control room at the same time as Cabbie leaped and swung from ground level up, and threw himself through the glass of the window. He landed in front of the main control panel, just as an invisible Jeneal (again courtesy of Talismonger) drove a penetrating slash up into Dr. Radiotron from behind, dropping him immediately, in agony.

Roentgen blasted the Cabbie with his radiation bolts, missing the young hero but blasting the controls into slag. Cabbie dived under the panel, frantically trying to rewire the control panel and shut off the reactor. Jeneal switched targets to the far more dangerous (and hard to hit) Roentgen.

In the meantime, Ilsa had joined the fray, diving to ground level to taunt and bait Carcinoma. The glutinous grey hero dodged the living tumour’s blows in impossible ways, encouraging Carcinoma to lay waste to the inflow pipes for the reactor. Talismonger, meanwhile, was preparing to contain any blast caused by Blast Shadow, who was inside the reactor itself, ready to set off a catastrophic reaction.

It appeared, however, that Blast Shadow had a more convoluted plan in mind. The light from the reactor turned an impossible glowing black, and then began to flood the superstructure chamber. The eerie black light began to transform those it touched into shadows like the Soviet super-villain, until Talismonger teleported a black pearl into the control room. The mystic gem began to swallow up the strange power.

Jeneal had managed to blind and disorient Roetgen with a slash to the face, and ran back to the control room in response to Cabbie’s cries that Radiotron was recovering. Jeneal smashed her boot into the doctor’s pelvis once, twice. The doctor spewed blood and fluids from his ruptured body, then lay still.

Blast Shadow, sensing his dark power being drawn off by Talismonger’s pearls, attempted to overload them, either corrupting or simply shattering them, but they were too strong. Finally, out of desperation, Blast Shadow activated the links he had previously forged with his compatriots, and teleported the RadioActives (and Dr. Radiotron’s corpse) away.

Without Blast Shadow’s intervention, Cabbie was able to rewire the console and deactivate the fusion reactor. The black pearls, no longer occupied with the dark power, began to draw the shadow taint out of those affected, including Ilsa and Jeneal (whose regenerative abilities protected them to some degree).

While recovering his fluid form, Ilsa discovered something strange. Carcinoma’s tissues registered as identical to her own to her reflexive regenerative abilities. This bothered the amorphous hero, who took great pains to expel the matter that had once been part of the monstrous destroyer.

Once they received the “all-clear” from Cabbie, the ECU took over. They took away the RadioActives’ minions (minus one ray-gun, which the Cabbie kept as a souvenir), and debriefed the heroes. In the process of the debriefing, Jeneal’s killing of Dr. Radiotron came to light. While Capt. Henderson was decidedly upset at this turn of events, he had no proof that Jeneal had not acted in self-defense, and so let her go, for now.



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