Gateway City

The Conquerers, pt. II

Nick Tyler contacts his scientist associate Ben Knightsley, asking him if the superhuman Solar can be of any assistance in transporting them to Argal’s spaceship. Dr. Knightsley explains that while Solar can easily travel in a vacuum, he would incinerate the heroes if he attempted to carry them in his outer shell. Tyler suddenly recalls that the GCPD has captured some teleportation units from Argal in a previous assault, and wonders if the good Doctor could modify them. The Doctor thinks he could, and offers to have a unit done first thing in the morning (after the unit is sent over to his lab), but would need a set of co-ordinates to deliver them to the ship.

Tyler then seeks out Prometheus, desiring to inform him that while he appreciates his earlier help, Prometheus did commit a crime and should serve his sentence. A discussion of whether a crime against Olympia Financial is really a crime ensues. In the process, Prometheus brings up the presence of Abstract at the fracas earlier, and gives Tyler the co-ordinates that Argal told Abstract to meet him at. They seem to yield a location in orbit around Mars.

Investigating on his own, Gray Patriot finds a bar the Hot Rods had frequented before, and hears that Motorhead and his gang had been hired to perform the prison break. Gray Patriot meets up with Strongbow and, realizing that this is definitely beyond their ability to handle, they take their news to Tyler in his downtown office, who shows up with Prometheus.

The heroes discuss where to go from there. Hearing that Lord Tyrannos was in the crystal given to Abstract, the heroes decide to investigate Dinosaur Island and collect more intelligence. Gray Patriot contacts the Canadian portion of the joint task force monitoring the island, and the heroes journey forth to Dinosaur Island!

Some intelligent dinosaurs greet the heroes with bullets and rockets as their chopper makes its way over, but Strongbow and the Gray Patriot shoot the rockets out of the air.

It seems that Tyrannos is indeed absent, and the heroes find themselves easily able to

The heroes rescue some human captives that Tyrannos had captured from Gateway City, and set to work trying to decipher the strange equipment present in Tyrannos’ lair. It looks like he has an Argalian teleporter, but the heroes are uncertain of how to extract where it almost certainly sent the Lord and Lady, until Prometheus has

The heroes gird themselves for battle. Strongbow contacts his armourer contact Lon Porter, and first thing in the morning all of the Heroes receive an armoured suit with a breathing apparatus built-in, just in case they face a lack of oxygen. It appears the good Mr. Porter is something of a whiz with weaponry and armour.

The heroes, using the teleporters retrieved by Nick Tyler from the depths of the GCPD, Dr. Knightsley’s genius, & the co-ordinates they retrieved from Dinosaur Island, teleport on to Argal’s capital ship.

The strange dimension ship is a sight to behold. The heroes hear a patrol approaching soon after they ‘port in, and attempting to dodge the patrol stumble into an alien barracks filled with two dozen Argalian troops. Prometheus grabs an energy rifle from an alien before he can respond, trying to threaten them. Deciding that they fear their lord more than they fear the heroes, they start to raise their weapons, when Argal the Conquerer’s voice echoes through the room, beckoning his ‘guests’ to meet him in the Grand Hall!

The heroes are lead into the massive chamber, lined with the conquests of a hundred worlds, before Argal the Conquerer, who offers the heroes a bargain. He is most impressed with their planet of Earth, for very few can withstand the might of the Argalian empire for as long as Earth has. If they will become subordinate to the mighty empire, Argal will graciously accept them into the Argalian Galactic Empire, as a low-ranking new planet of course, and spare them a terrible bombardment from the Argalian fleet. For with Abstract’s kidnapped scientist, this dimensional ship can summon the entire fleet to Earth in a manner of moments, if Argal but presses this button on his throne!

The heroes reject. They attack Argal, quickly putting down the Conquerer, who is not yet used to his new body, and subdue the rest of the Guard surrounding him. A claxon rings out through the ship, and troops emerge from the great double doors leading into the Hall, attacking the heroes.

Prometheus runs through the door, hoping to find some way to solve this dilemma now that Argal is defeated. He sees an opportunity for mischief, regardless! Prometheus fires a blaster at one of Tyrannos’ minions, tricking Tyrannos into thinking that the Argalians had hired upon him. A massive melee ensues.

However, whatever foul plot Argal had devised, it appeared that he did not need to actually press the button on his throne to activate it! The ship was suddenly filled with an omninous thrumming. Prometheus runs for the control room, hoping to discover a method. His companions fend off the last of the Elite Guard in the Grand Hall as he does, and gather to retreat back to the teleporter.

The ingenious and lightning-quick Prometheus quickly finds the control room, finding the missing wormhole physicist inside. On a monitor is a view of space, showing the wormhole the great ship is generating. On another is a view from Argalian space of a massive fleet, and the first capital ship of thousands entering its maw! Prometheus threatens Dr. Dorjinsky with a blaster pistol picked up from the quarters, and while the bad Doctor does not give in immediately he is tricked into revealing how to shut down the device. Prometheus does so, and takes the Doctor with him as the portal closes on half a ship, cutting it in two.

The heroes escape the wormhole ship using their teleportation device, and they and all of the rest of Earth facing Mars sees the sliced-in-half ship collide with the great dimensionship, causing a fantastic explosion.

Talking after the event, Strongbow speaks to the group. Given that it was only through luck that the Earth was, he feels that an organized team should be formed, so that the heroes can contact each other more easily in the future, should another such threat rear its head. The name of the group he suggests is The Vigilants. The others agree.



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