Gateway City

The Conquerers, pt. I

A siren blares through Gateway City, alerting all heroes. There has been a prison break from Hexagon Prison! Nick Tyler is first on the scene, pulling up to the prison on the outskirts of Gateway City with new superhero Prometheus in the backseat, who had just tried to break into Olympia Financial and was captured by their security. They see a hole blown in the outer wall of the pentagonal structure, and chaos reigning inside.

And who should stop by to add to the chaos but the madman Cookbook, who starts the fracas with a bang! Throwing a grenade into Nick Tyler’s vehicle as he jetpacks his way in, Tyler is seriously wounded, and the nearby officers are slain. Tyler responds by firing a shot past Cookbook’s face, startling him, and then attempts to tackle him, missing. Prometheus leaps out of the back, steals the jetpack right off Cookbook’s back, and uses it to fly in over the walls! Ilsa flies in and takes a swing at Cookbook, but misses the cagey maniac. Cookbook throws another grenade, and then scampers away from the gritty Tyler, attempting to find easier playmates.

The rest of the exterior is chaos as well, with convicts running every which way from the escape hole. New super Strongbow unleashes a flurry of arrows, taking down a few convicts before they can escape and throwing them many more meters than one would expect. A Hot Rod (they are here as well!) races his bike at another new super, Paladin, who knocks him of the bike with a sword.

The Gray Patriot leaps on to a wall of the prison, drawing blaster fire from some Argalians! What could they be doing here? It appears that his ghostly form is harmed by their energy weapons, but he returns fire and each shot slays one of his aggressors.

Shifting the view to inside the facility, Motorhead & his Hot Rods stand within the compound, beating on convicts. Motorhead himself stands over a fallen police officer, his head beneath his boot. Seeing convicts falling the villain crushes the officer’s head, mounts his bike, and races outside the prison walls.

Prometheus goes inside the hole in the prison facility. He runs smack into Bombardier, who throws a haymaker at him with a glowing yellow fist, but fails to match Prometheus’ inhuman speed. Prometheus jumps up to the ceiling, summoning a will o’ the wisp to assist him in fighting the powerful villain. Bombardier is distracted by the flaming ball, and starts exchanging bolts with it.

Outside, Motorhead sees Strongbow, and guns his bike at the hero! Strongbow releases an arrow, but Motorhead evades it, slamming a supercharged fist into Strongbow. But it seems that the ranged combatant is tough enough to take it, shaking off the punch and falling into an aikido stance.

Tyler runs after the anarchist, taking him down this time with a solid tackle. Nightstick tries to establish control over the hero, whispering that the villain has just killed and that no prison will hold him for long, but Tyler shrugs off his alter-ego and slaps cuffs on Cookbook.

Seeing the odds turning against us as the other villains are taken down, Motorhead turns and guns his bike. Strongbow launches a parting shot, sending Motorhead’s bike spinning into a tree, but a remaining Hot Rod zips by and drags his leader out of harm.

Back inside, Prometheus catches sight of a strange figure behind Bombardier! Prometheus attempts to follow the strange figure, but a smoke bomb is dropped and the shape disappears. Intrigued, Prometheus attempts to follow … her?... , but she quickly gives him the slip, something very few people indeed have ever done. She looked odd, somehow… flat. He finds a crystal on the floor, and quickly activates a watch, trying to locate where the strange figure had gone by her image. His device points straight up, and Prometheus runs outside, snagging a grappling hook on Cookbook’s jetpack which is still flying all over the area, trying to get some additional height to figure out exactly where the figure is. He gets quite a ways off the ground, but the watch continues to point directly overhead. Doing some quick math in his head, Prometheus is pretty sure that she is . He releases the grapple and falls back to Earth, absorbing the fall with a crack of strained tendons. Prometheus reaches in his pocket and brings out some olives, and starts munching them has he plays with the crystal. It starts playing back the message, which brings up an image of Argal and Lord and Lady Tyrannos! Argal commands Abstract to bring the ‘package’ to a listed set of co-ordinates. This can’t be good.

Back at the outskirts of the prison, Ilsa retrieves a crystal from the fallen body of an Argalian. This one also plays a message, with only Argal on the display, saying that the sacrifice of these troops will be remembered when their forces conquer Earth! Double plus ungood.

Paladin notices some red-dyed sawdust on the boots of the downed Hot Rods and in Motorhead’s footprints. Gathering together the heroes, Gray Patriot recalls the presence of a sawmill a small distance outside Gateway City, that dyes their lumber that exact colour. However, it seems that the vigilante Strongbow & Gray Patriot, and the thief Prometheus have already fled, no doubt not wishing complication from lawmaker Nick Tyler. Prometheus has not yet told the heroes of his find! It seems that Tyler has put a tracking device in Prometheus’ clothing, though, so he likely won’t just vanish into thin air.

Tyler, Ilsa and Paladin follow the Patriot with a few more squad cars, and Motorhead and the very few remaining Hot Rods are taken into custody with a minimum of fuss.



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