Gateway City

The Chaos Principle

Upon hearing that his friend Dr. Ben Knighsley had been threatened, Solar helped the GCPD to assemble a team of heroes to protect the good doctor during his journey to New York to consult on a new device to contain superhuman energies.

The team (comprising Keil, Talismonger and Wild Rose) set off in a state-of-the-art super-containment vehicle, equipped with several anti-villain countermeasures.

The first attack came in the form of a series of wires set atop the road. Talismonger spotted them easily, and conjured a bridge for the driver to cross.

When the group stopped to refuel and to answer nature’s calls, their so-far hidden attacker revealed himself. Bombardier teleported to the top of the gas station’s awning, and then charged it with explosive energies.

Unfortunately for Bombardier, Keil and Talismonger were both on top of him in an instant. Keil grabbed the young malcontent, and swiftly knocked him unconscious.

Once Bombardier had been secured, Talismonger probed his mind. It turned out that he had been set upon Dr. Knightsley in the hope of luring out Solar and other heroes. The ensuing battle was to be Bombardier’s audition for the Chaos Syndicate. His (uncharacteristic) trick gear had been supplied by Motorhead, an ally of the Syndicate.

After seeing Dr. Knightsley to his conference, the heroes returned to Gateway City, searching for the bar where Bombardier had arranged the plot with Cookbook. The bar wasn’t where it should have been, however – it had been magically moved to an unknown location by The Goblin King.



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