Gateway City

RadioActives Attack!

Introducing ILSA!

A call goes out for heroes to aid the police. There has been a theft at a government-run research lab, and super-criminals are involved!

Jeneal and Talismonger arrive on the scene, to see a large hole blown in the building, with a hazmat containment tent erected over it. Jeneal is somewhat unwelcome by Captain Henderson, but Talismonger is a sight for sore eyes. He briefs them both on the trio of villains who broke in and stole a prototype particle accelerator. Or rather, he tries. Jeneal heads off inside immediately, forcing Henderson to shout after him that the criminals have already fled.

The two heroes are about to take off in pursuit, when they are interrupted by another threat. A police officer checking ID stopped someone in a hazmat suit from entering the building. When thwarted, the…being transformed into an androgynous, featureless grey humanoid with wings, and tried to fly away. Talismonger caught the being, while Jeneal attempted to subdue it. When her attempts failed, Talismonger transported the being, insisting that it must be allowed to enter the building, into a detention van parked nearby.

Once the crime scene was secured, Talismonger and Jeneal began to search for the criminals. Talismonger located them in Emerald Park, and teleported the two of them there.

The RadioActives were caught unawares, preparing their next move. Jeneal struck at Roentgen, stunning him with pain, while Talismonger unleashed a powerful blast of psychic energy that incapacitated Carcinoma, the Living Tumour and shocked the other two. Blast Shadow reacted by teleporting the RadioActives to the Gamma Realm to recover.

Back at the crime scene, Ilsa had managed to convince Captain Henderson to hear it out. Reciting its origin, it convinced him to trust it, and that it was on the side of right. Confirming its story through other channels, Henderson gave Ilsa permission to track down the others.

Meanwhile, Talismonger had rummaged up a hoop that would allow the heroes to teleport together to track the villains. Ilsa joined them just as they departed, and the three of them penetrated into the Gamma Realm. However, the RadioActives had already departed for Dr. Radiotron’s desert laboratory, a site familiar to Talismonger. He tracked them down, and they departed the strange home of Blast Shadow.

The heroes arrived in the midst of an ambush, but one they had anticipated. Talismonger transported them each into close combat with one of the RadioActives. In psite of their powerful abilities, the RadioActives proved difficult foes. In the end, both Roentgen and Carcinoma was captured, while Blast Shadow was catapulted back into the Gamma Realm, trapped in that strange dimension…for the time being.



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