Gateway City

Lord Tyrannos Returns!

For our heroes, things began when The Cabbie spotted four men with guns bundling a wriggling laundry sack into a van. Ridding himself of his fare, The Cabbie took off in pursuit, and within scant seconds had stopped the fleeing van. Solar and Talismonger, responding to the call for assistance Cabbie had put out, showed up in time to help the Heroic Hack take the criminals into custody.

When interrogated, the criminals turned out to be members of the Dinosaur Island Task Force, and had no memory of what they had done. The victim of their kidnapping attempt, Dr. Eric Jansen, was a noted paleontologist, one of several scientists who had been the victim of recent kidnapping attempts. Clearly, everything pointed to Lord Tyrannos, a fact which was confirmed when Talismonger probed the men’s memories and saw them talking to Lady Tyrannos. Talismonger reached out his eldritch senses and contacted Keil.

Keil had been on the trail of this evil himself. He had seen humans go into Tyrannos’ fortress, and not all of them had returned. Moreover, there was now a strange wall of light guarding the fortress doors. Interrogating one of the patrols which had entered, they told Keil they had never been there. Clearly, the Lizard King’s mate was at work. When Talismonger contacted him, Keil invited them to the island, giving them the “magic words” to pass the guard-posts.

Once on the island (which took a little more talking than expected – Lt Calhoun wasn’t impressed with The Cabbie), Keil explained his side of the story, and guided them to the doors to Tyrannos’ fortress. The “wall of light” was a force field, one strikingly similar to those used by the Argalians.

They decided they needed to get inside immediately, and Talismonger provided the means. He mystically disguised them all as Sauronids, and then opened a gate in the force-field using his magic.

Once inside, they found the ancient halls once more populated, mainly with strange half-Sauronid men with blasters. They fast-talked their way past the first guards (no thanks to The Cabbie’s short-sighted enthusiasm) and reached the main mustering hall. There, a [[The Conquerers, pt. II | Manoran viewscreen and teleporter had been set up]], and were being modified by the scientists, overseen by the demi-Sauronids that the heroes now suspected were part Manoran.

The heroes split up to prepare for a daring break-out, but The Cabbie’s enthusiasm got the better of him. He contacted the Task Force base, triggering an alert. The heroes, not quite as startled as the guards, sprang into action.

Solar disarmed all the guards with a stunning display of solar pyrotechnics, while Keil began striking down guards nearest scientists. Talismonger, thinking quickly, trapped all the guards in a mystical shield, leaving he and his companions routes to the exits. Then he began preparing to teleport everyone, guards and scientists, back to the Task Force base. Cabbie found himself in battle with the entryway guards as he prepared the team’s retreat.

It was at that moment that the Tyrant Lizard himself arrived, clad in space armour and armed with a strangely-shaped energy blade. He charged Talismonger and dealt him a painful blow. Talismonger escaped using the powers of his amulet, and Solar blasted the monster. The power armour took the blow, which did little except give Talismonger time to regroup. Keil struck next, and his blow was much more telling. Slamming his spear into the unprotected neck of his foe, he dropped the massive Lizard King in a single shot!

Victory was in the grasp of the heroes, when Lady Tyrannos took it away. Shouting “My lord will be reborn in fire!”, she let fly a strange spell. Tyrannos disappeared, and the volcano that the fortress abutted began to shake.

With the main threat departed, Talismonger dropped his shield and transported everyone back to the Task Force base. They reappeared in a holding cell entirely too small for them, and the heroes made quick work of the Sauronids, with Keil and Cabbie fighting them off, Solar stunning them with flares of light, and Talismonger undoing their unholy transformation. (One strange note was when a still-fighting Manoran looked at Cabbie, and uttered “A Justicar?! Here?” immediately before being clobbered).



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