Gateway City

Cookbook's Big Score

A blast sounded across the downtown area! On a street overlooking Emerald Park, Cookbook leaped from the debris cloud, carrying a hockey bag stuffed with gold!

Unfortunately for the anarchist, Pacifier and The Grey Patriot were nearby. Pacifier stopped the car Cookbook had commandeered immediately, but Cookbook escaped by throwing one of his smoke bombs! Pacifier and the Grey Patriot were baffled for a moment, but then spotted the contrail left by Cookbook’s rocket pack!

Pacifier took to the skies, while the Grey Patriot hopped a cab. Luckily for the Loyalist Avenger, the cabbie was both enthusiastic and skilled (though he was taken aback when the driver plunged into the Skyplex Mall in order to get back in the chase!)

Pacifier caught up to Cookbook quickly, and grabbed onto his jetpack. Cookbook threw two grenades down onto the city, trying to distract Pacifier, but The Grey Patriot shot them from the air! Then Pacifier spun the anarchist about, to keep him occupied.

Near to passing out from vertigo, Cookbook pulled himself together just long enough to throw an explosive putty onto Pacifier’s helmet. The armored protector was stunned, though he did rip Cookbook’s jetpack apart in his shock.

As Cookbook plunged to earth, the Grey Patriot prepared to catch him. Cookbook activated his parachute first, however, so the marksman was free to shoot the hockey bag free of Cookbook’s body, and catch it. The anarchist, however, headed into the nearby alleys.

A bad move, as the Grey Patriot, half ghost, was not frustrated by walls. He caught up to Cookbook quickly, and then brought a large billboard down with a pair of well-placed shots from his mystical flintlocks. Pacifier landed soon after.

Cookbook struggled, but he was unable to prevail against the pair. Pacifier’s sonic stunner sent him reeling, and then a shot from the Patriot incapacitated him (without serious harm).

Pacifier called the police. As the pair waited for Cookbook to be taken into custody, three men in purple suits showed up. The leader claimed to be Jareth Dunsany, and asked for his gold back. A quick call to the police confirmed that it was the Castle Building which had been broken into, and so the pair handed over the loot. Dunsany thanked them and departed.

The cops showed up soon after, and took Cookbook in. They did, however, mention that they weren’t pleased with the heroes handing over evidence, even if it was to the rightful owner.



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