Gateway City

A Little Problem

After picking up White Dwarf up as a fare, The Cabbie heard an alarm coming over his radio. When they arrived, they found a few fist-sized round holes in a 4th story window. After making a new entrance with his cab, The Cabbie and White Dwarf made their way to the laboratory where the alarm was going and there they found a few of Gateway City’s Finest locked out of the lab in question. A few seconds later, the Cabbie opened the locks and they were in.

In the lab they found the curious sight of various lab equipment and samples floating through the air and landing in a neat pile. The Cabbie then exclaimed that the floating objects were actually being carried by about a dozen little floating aliens… Lilithans he called them later. While the two were dealing with some of these Lilithans, the others had collected most of their loot… and all of their fallen comrades… and teleported away… all except the remains of one of their teleportation belts.

Plugging the remains of this belt into a port in his cab, the Cabbie was able to download the location of the Lilthan’s base… down in the storm sewers below Gateway City… and he learned their leader’s name… Overlord Tznitpuk.

Somehow navigating his cab through the storm sewers, The Cabbie pulled up to the entrance to the Lilthan’s underground base.

White Dwarf said that it was now his turn, and tore the metal door out of the solid rock to reveal about a dozen Lilithans. The two heroes dealt with them easily and then looked for another exit from the room… and found a door that White Dwarf could barely squeeze through and that The Cabbie would almost have to crawl through.

After White Dwarf quickly enlarged the tunnel, they made their way past some automated turrets to another door. This time, White Dwarf charged the doors and flew through what he left of the doors as they entered the room.

After dealing with about a dozen of the Lilithans again, Overlord Tznitpuk marched into the room in his armored combat suit.

White Dwarf and The Cabbie tried everything they could think of. They looked for weak sections of the armor… they tried to smash the power source… to no lasting effect… then The Cabbie came up with an idea.

Having his cab smash its way through the whole complex on its way, he used it to ram Overlord Tznipuk. This actually seemed to damage the combat suit!

Before Overlord Tznipuk could recover from the first hit, The Cabbie quickly got his cab to back up and ram Overlord Tznipuk again, sending the pint sized alien flying back… but before they could do anything more, all the Lilithans disappeared… they must have teleported away again. Looking around, the two heroes found the stolen lab equipment and samples, and looking back down the passageway that Overlord Tznipuk had come from, they found a Lilithan sized supercomputer. The Cabbie managed to disconnect the supercomputer and was preparing to take it away when they heard what could only be a countdown on a self destruct device. The Cabbie quickly turned his cab around while White Dwarf somehow managed to throw all the Lilithan’s stolen goods into the back of the cab and jump in the back seat just before the whole base exploded.

With the flames of the explosion licking the back of the cab, The Cabbie managed to outrace the worse of the explosion and excaped back into the storm sewers.

Without any solid evidence, though, the Gateway City Police were not very convinced of the presence of these “Little green aliens” that had stolen everything, but were thankful that White Dwarf and The Cabbie were able to recover all of the stolen items.



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